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Ballet Class

Expressions Gym is proud to offer ballet classes in Dubai. We make sure that we offer more than the Classical ballet which has always been known for its aesthetics and techniques but Expressions wants to take it from the mind and heart. We make sure that the students will surely learn, enjoy and will not regret joining the best studio for Ballet in Jeddah.


Creative Ballet program is recommended for little ones who love to twirl and leap. It offers a fun, guided way for children aged 3-6 to explore dance through classes that encourage an exploration of movement in a safe and non-competitive environment. Our trained staff introduces children to basic dance steps while developing motor skills, strength, balance and flexibility. We also work on social skills such as taking turns and following directions, as well as musicality, creativity, and joy in movement.


Foundation Ballet usually ages 6-8yrs kids that have learned the basic standing posture alignment and have completed the advance beginner ballet program with great confidence. This class is great to continue your basic foundation of classical ballet and advance your skills. The class develops arm and leg co-ordination, body awareness of major muscle groups, it refines dance postures and placement plus develop strength and flexibility to execute classical movements. By the end of the first semester students will be able to feel more confident with the fluidity basic barre exercises, center practice, simple adage combination, and simple petite allegro and medium allegro (jumps) such as assemble, jete, pas de chat and tenleve. Progression and break down of all the dance movements taught at this level is the focus with drilling of each dance movement.

The History Of Ballet

The History Of Ballet Ballet began as an elaborate aristocratic entertainment in Italy and France, where it was performed by noble amateurs (predominantly men) in the halls of grand estates and palaces. Combining dance, music and song, the earliest ballets were enactments of events from mythology, heavy on gods and heroes, and featuring wildly fantastical costumes and masks.
Court ballets reached their pinnacle during the reign of Louis XIV, a keen dancer himself, who was dubbed the Sun King after his role in Le Ballet de la Nuit (1653), which ran from sunset to sunrise. His personal ballet master, Pierre Beauchamp, choreographed many of the dances performed at Versailles and is credited with codifying ballet as a system of movement. Louis’ legacy includes the establishment of the Academie d’Opera (the forerunner of the Paris Opéra Ballet) in 1669, which paved the way for ballet as a profession.